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Posted on: Fri 7 September 2012

Government Promotes Building Bonanza0

Posted by: Paula Patrick

In an effort to ‘kick start’ the economy the Government has announced yet another relaxation of the planning laws. For a limited time (approximately 3 years), home owners will be allowed to extend their properties without making a Planning Application.

For detached house owners the limit they can extend their homes by up to 8 metres and for other homes only 6 metres, the law currently only allows a 3 metre extension without completing a Planning Application.   The new Permitted Development Rights will also apply to businesses where shops will be able to extend by 100 sq metres and industrial units by 200 sq metres.

Planning Laws were only recently overhauled, but the Government states that there is still too much bureaucracy and red tape associated with local planning.  The Local Government Association has denied this and released figures that show a back-log of 400,000 prospective homes which have planning permission but have yet to be built.  It says this “conclusively proves” that the planning system is not holding back development.

The new plans change the rules in Section 106 where Developers have to allow a proportion of social housing alongside other housing on each development.  Under the new rules, if the Developer can prove that this would make a site “commercially unviable” then this restriction will be lifted.  This is a change Developers will welcome.

At the same time, the Government also announced plans for dealing with houses standing empty, affordable housing and the building of new homes.

Paula Patrick


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