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Posted on: Mon 15 October 2012

Autumn is well and truly here0

Posted by: Paula Patrick

A check-list for Autumn maintenance.

Now that the nights are closing in and Autum is well and truly upon us it’s a good idea to get some house maintenance in now before the Winter arrives.

Winter is a time when maintenance issues tend to come to light and you wished you had thought it earlier.  So, here is a simple check list from Hockley & Dawson

1. One of the most damaging things to any home is water egress, so although it might seem trivial, ensuring your gutters and drains are clear of leaves, unblocked and secure now could save you a nasty bill come Spring. 

2. Keeping your DPC (damp proof course) clear of vegetation and ensuring you are not storing anything close to the house that is might touch your outside wall and allow water to enter is also a good idea.

3. Check your outside lighting.  You probably haven’t used it much during the lighter evenings and bulbs may have blown and need replacing and wiring or batteries might need looking at.

4. Turn off any outside taps that you won’t be using over the winter at the stop cock and make sure that all outside taps are well insulated.

5. Get your boiler serviced.

6. Check out your roof to see if there are any roof tiles that might have become misplaced and ensure the aerial or satellite dish is secure.  You wouldn’t want to lose it in a high wind.

If you are going to climb a ladder yourself, please ensure there is another person securing the bottom and the ladder is both long enough for the job and secure before your ascend.  Don’t overstretch either, move the ladder rather than stretching to reach something.

We certainly wouldn’t want any accidents!


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