Gardens, Arches & Bridges

Projects in this category range from work on lakes on large country estates to arches and bridges in National Trust and English Heritage owned properties.

The completed bridge

Woollatt Bridge, Painshill Park

Client: Painshill Park

Architect: N/A

A reconstruction a Palldian timber bridge shewn in prints of Painshill Park but long since lost leaving only is brick abutments.
The bridge was a copy of the Cisman River bridge of 1570.
The new bridge bears on the original repaired abutments and give access to the Grotto.

Parapet detail

Painshill Park - 5 Arch Bridge

Client: Painshill Park

Architect: N/A

The construction of a new 5 arch bridge to replace an original bridge, now lost, that formed part of the original landscape.

Ottershaw Park

Client: Ottershaw Park Estate Company Ltd

Architect: N/A

Repair and remedial works to ornamental bridge

Mereworth Castle

Client: Private Client

Architect: Nigel Upchurch

Repair of existing garden arch