Museums & Education

Hockley & Dawson have undertaken projects in a selection of museums and schools, including the British Museum and Harrow School.

RAF Museum Hendon

Client: RAF Museum Hendon

Architect: N/A

Four hangars with Belfast Trusses have been erected adjoining a new central hall to form the principle aircraft display area housing a variety of aircraft. Hockley & Dawson were asked to monitor the deflections of the existing Belfast Trusses to the four hangars forming part of this hall.

The Royal Astronomical Society

Client: The Royal Astronomical Society

Architect: Peregrine Bryant LLP

The proposed stacking shelf system to the basement required a solid floor with a high degree of control of defection. Suspended timber floors are not suitable for this application. Therefore the existing timbler floor was removed and a new solid reinforced concrete floor was installed together with a new reinforced concrete staircase. The existing library shelving showed distortion and appeared to be poorly supported so the shelving was dismantled and discrete fabricated steel brackets were installed to provide adequate support.